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Rain, the Gift of nature. We enjoy the incessant rain but often we ignore to save this gift for tommorrow. It is in this context, Mazhapolima initiative of Thrissur District Administration (Goverment of Kerala) reaches out to the people and becomes a boon to them. In the rainy seasons, the roof top rain water is led through pipes with a filter at the end, filtered rain water is led to open dug wells to replenish the aquifers.This is Mazhapolima well recharge programme. In such recharged wells, even in scorching summers availability of adequate water is a proven fact. Not only the abundance of water, In coastal areas it helps to reduce the salinity, turbidity and color of water from the wells, and provides pure and clear water. The roof top is cleaned before the first rain, first rain is flushed out along with impurities;then water harvested will be pure.Around 70% of the houses in Kerala depend on dug wells for their drinking water. The proposed solution to deal with the district’s water woes was a logical extension of this – divert rainwater from roof tops to dug wells within the premises.

Thus 'Mazhapolima' meaning 'bounty of rain' was born. Thiruvilwamala Gram Panchayat was the first in the state to experiment with ‘Mazhapolima’, which was floated as a participatory effort at groundwater recharge using shallow dug wells.Arghyam Trust Banglore,India,District Rainwater Harvesting Mission ,Government of Kerala, Local Governments, Private Agencies and Beneficiary households are some of the institutions that support us.

Our Mission

We are committed to continuing pursuit of this promising method of Well Recharging through Roof Water Harvesting

Our Vision

Leading The Nation In Roof Water Harvesting Technology,Through Well Recharging And Its Utilization To Sustain Water Needs.

Message From Our Chairperson

The scarcity of water during summer is a regular phenomenon across the state. Though a lot of agencies and departments are in the field to mitigate the drought situation , no substantial improvement is noticed during the yester years. The District Rain water Harvesting Mission (Mazhapolima ) envisages raising of the ground water table of the water sources is a replicable mode of water conservation which can be emulated anywhere . The Roof water harvesting is a unique device for channeling water to the open dug wells for recharging Ground water table. The method adopted in Mazhapolima is as simple as a technique which can be executed even by a layman. The community based conscientisation will make strides in confronting water crisis of the state. I hope Mazhapolima has a major role in conserving water through the scheme by the localized and affordable methods.

Anupama T V


Well Recharge Through Roof Water Harvesting Programme

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