Mazhapolima - “ The Rain Bounty”

Well Recharge through Roof Water Harvesting

Mazhapolima is a community-based well recharge programme, initiated by the Thrissur District Administration. The programme aims to (eventually) recharge about 4.5 lakh dug wells in the district, through community awareness and action. The technology adopted for the Mazhapolima programme is mainly the roof water harvesting for open well recharging. As mentioned above, households in Kerala mainly depend upon homestead open dug wells than the inefficient public water supply systems. However, ground water depletion in general calls forth large scale replenishment of unconfined aquifers from where open dug wells make avail water in Kerala. Wells in the coastal areas with poor water quality can be improved and recovered by backwashing it with rainwater.

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Arghyam Documentary 2016

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Percentage of Installed Units in Thrissur


Coastal Areas


Midland Area


Highland Area



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